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The Instrumentation & Automation Symposium for the Process Industries

The Instrumentation and Automation Symposium for the Process Industries, now in its 71st year, continues to educate professionals and students in the instrumentation industry. At the symposium, practical technical papers as well as vendor exhibits are presented with a focus on education.

One change to this year’s symposium is a slight update to the name by adding in “Automation.” Don’t worry – this won’t change the excellent papers, workshops, and vendors that we bring to you each year! We are excited to expand our range of topics outwards to meet industry needs!

Location & Schedule: January 26-28, 2016, Memorial Student Center Texas A&M University College Station, Texas



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logo-E+H.jpgThis year's topics include "Chasing a Pipe Dream — installation effects on flow measurement", "Taking Radar Measurement Instrumentation to the Next Level" and "Plug into Industrial Ethernet — and set your HART on success".


  • Chasing a Pipe Dream — installation effects on flow measurement
  • Taking Radar Measurement Instrumentation to the Next Level
  • Plug into Industrial Ethernet — and set your HART on success
  • For full details, click the "Downloads" link, which you'll find on the right hand side of this page, just above "Contact."


  • Determine what questions should be answered prior to meter selection. And ensure you are applying good instrument engineering practice for your specific installations.
  • Learn how you can make use of advanced radar diagnostics and signal evaluation functionality in a simple and pragmatic way to reduce operational costs while increasing plant safety.
  • Get the most out of instrumentation digital technologies and see how they can help you save time, money and increase product quality.

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Invensys Seminar on Crude Oil Data Management Solutions

A complimentary seminar on crude oil data management solutions for refinery planning, scheduling, and blending.

Are you involved in refinery operations, planning, scheduling, feedstock selection, automation, or decisions that affect refinery performance and profitability? Then don’t miss this exciting event. Learn how using new technology can help solve heavy oil processing issues.

Adequately understanding and modelling the properties of feedstocks is essential for making better, more informed decisions that affect profitability. Innovative new tools can bring together assay measurements, refinery data and models, past refining experience, with real-time market information. They can help you optimize feedstock selection for a given set of variables then help you plan and schedule production based on crude demand, market pricing, and supply chain and refinery constraints.

Date: Monday, February 24, 2014

Time: 11:30 am to 4:30 pm (CST)

Location: Hampton Inn Houston Ship Channel

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43rd Turbomachinery & 30th International Pump Users Symposia

“ Optimizing your Turbomachinery Process & Controls ”: September 23rd – September 25th at the 43rd Turbomachinery & 30th International Pump Users Symposia Conference and Exhibition.

Built on a history of success, the Pump/Turbo Symposia is an event you can’t afford to miss. This annual event features a world-class technical program combined with an international exhibition complete with full-size equipment and hundreds of leading companies.

The Turbomachinery Laboratory sponsors two annual symposia, held in the Fall of each year, to promote professional development, technology transfer, peer networking, and information exchange among industry professionals. These two events are led by engineers with vast experience in the petrochemical, process, chemical, utility, contractor, and consulting fields, along with manufacturers of rotating equipment and fluid-handling equipment from around the world.

Both symposia feature lectures, tutorials, case studies, discussion groups, and short courses, as well as exhibits of the latest services and full-sized equipment. These international meetings emphasize the technology and troubleshooting that users need in today's challenging workplace.

The Pump & Turbomachinery Symposia continue to be the only meeting organized by users for users. The members of the Advisory Committee, who provide overall guidance, are recognized leaders in the rotating equipment and power generation community. The Symposia is an outstanding value for users concerned with maintenance, performance, troubleshooting, operation, and purchase of rotating equipment. The technical sessions provide an opportunity for attendees to select lectures, tutorials, discussion groups, and case studies that best meet their personal and professional needs and interests.

The exhibits feature products from many key companies in the industry. Exhibiting companies normally send their "first-team" players to these symposia; hence, you can get knowledgeable help at the exhibit hall, in addition to seeing major exhibits of equipment.


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ISA’s 2014 Food and Pharmaceuticals Industries Division Symposium

The International Society of Automation (ISA) announces that the conference program for its 2014 Food and Pharmaceuticals Industries Division (FPID) Symposium will feature some of the world’s most accomplished experts in serialization and automation who will speak on the pressing issues affecting food and drug manufacturers and distributors.

Attendees of the 2014 ISA FPID Symposium, which will be held 5-6 March 2014 at ISA headquarters in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA, will learn—directly from these industry leaders—how to respond to emerging serialization requirements that are driving major changes in food and pharmaceuticals distribution and calling for highly coordinated strategies that incorporate automation, supply chain management, and information analysis and security.

“We are immensely pleased to have assembled such an outstanding lineup of speakers, experts and presentations at this valuable industry event,” reports Dennis Brandl, President of BR&L Consulting, Inc., co-chair of the 2014 FPID Symposium. “The challenges facing the food and pharmaceuticals industries are serious and they require a serious examination of the issues. Recent legislation and incidents of contamination and tampering have raised the importance of automation to reduce errors and implement enhanced serialization controls to improve tracking and tracing throughout distribution channels.

“This symposium,” Brandl says, “will provide the essential insights and recommendations—relating to technology, systems, production, logistics, process control, validation, traceability, data access and analysis, cybersecurity and other critical areas—that food and pharmaceuticals manufacturers and distributors need to improve patient safety and reduce operating risks.”

In addition to benefiting from the stellar conference sessions, 2014 FPID Symposium attendees will tour a local plant to examine specific automation processes in practice.

To register and gain more detailed information visit ISA Symposium.

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