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JGC Wins Contract to Upgrade Basrah Refinery

JGC Holdings Corporation has recently announced that JGC Corporation has received the Letter of Award for the Basrah Refinery Upgrading Project for an Iraqi oil refining company under the Iraqi Ministry of Oil.

Details of the project are as follows.

1. Client: South Refineries Company (Oil refining company under the Iraqi Ministry of Oil)
2. Construction location: Basrah, Republic of Iraq (Approx. 550 km SE of the capital of Baghdad)
3. Primary equipment (processing abilities): Fluid catalytic cracking unit (34,500 barrels/day), vacuum distillation unit (55,000 barrels/day), diesel desulfurisation unit (40,000 barrels/day), etc.
4. Contract services: Engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning
5. Contract type: Lump sum contract
6. Order amount: Approx. 4 billion dollars (400 billion JPY)
7. Scheduled completion: 2025

Iraq is one of the world's leading oil-producing countries, with a confirmed crude oil reserve of 145 billion barrels and a daily crude oil production of 4.41 million barrels. However, the two refineries currently in operation were constructed in the 1970s and their production capacity has decreased due to war damage and deterioration. Unable to meet domestic demand for petroleum products, Iraq has to import petroleum products such as gasoline.