Last updateSun, 04 Feb 2024 4am

Anybus CompactCom POWERLINK - DNA support

The Anybus CompactCom 40 POWERLINK products now support Dynamic Node Allocation (DNA) functionality.

What is DNA?

DNA enables the managing node to dynamically allocate a node number to the connected devices which simplifies the installation process and eliminates the risk of configuration errors.

Why add DNA functionality?

“We noticed that manually configuring the node numbers on the connected devices was causing some problems for customers and incorrect node numbers were accidentally assigned to devices”, explains Stefan Källström Embedded Product Manager. “So, we acted and updated the CompactCom POWERLINK with DNA functionality which means it’s no longer necessary to manually configure each connected device as the managing node can allocate the node numbers dynamically. We think this will simplify the installation process meaning that customers can start using the network quicker ”

 DNA is supported in the following products:

Link to Brick CompactCom POWERLINK Product page:


Link to Module CompactCom POWERLINK page:


Link to Chip CompactCom POWERLINK Product page

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