Last updateSun, 04 Feb 2024 4am

Increasing safety in a wastewater treatment plant

The implementation of an automatic dosing of the flocculants allows the customer to respect (24h a day, 365 days a year) the limit for phosphate in the outlet and save a lot of money: resulting in less chemicals and sludge production.

The results

  • Saving of 26.000 €/year of flocculants (PAC)
  • 2% reduction of sludge production
  • Even with a big peak of phosphate in the inlet, the outlet was under the official limit each time

Customer challenge:

The inlet of this wastewater treatment plant is variable due to industrial high load wastewater. The manual dosing of flocculants was not enough to maintain the concentration of phosphate in the outlet under the official limit of 1 mg/l P total. The customer challenge is to respect the official outlet limit of Phosphate and manage the chemicals’ costs efficiently.

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