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Automated Passenger Sensing System is 98% Accurate

Automated passenger sensing system provides reliable data at low cost, no matter how busy the service.

Using CCTV and intelligent people counters, the sensing system logs numbers of people getting on and off buses, trains or other public transit system at each stop or station.

The passenger sensing system on its own provides valuable information, but when you add vehicle tracking operators can see where a bus or train is as well as how many people are on it

The system has saved a British bus company thousands of pounds per bus. By automatically counting people on and off their buses, the company could cross-check passenger numbers with ticket machine transactions. With proof that they had more passengers than transactions, managers took steps to remedy the missing fare revenue.

Passenger sensing

Data from the video people sensors also helps operators plan their timetables and routes, and justify any grants they get for running a particular service.

The video passenger counting system is over 98% accurate. This is much better than manual counting where research has found that counts are out by an average of 15%. With video counting operators can easily verify the automated counts simply by watching the video back and seeing the passenger counts change.

The system works with overhead CCTV cameras watching people getting on and off. The sensing units detect people in the video picture and count entries and exits. They can stream video and data to a central PC over Wi-Fi and the Internet.

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