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Schneider Electric Implements SimSci Spiral Suite at SK Innovation

Schneider Electric Software, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced that SK Innovation, South Korea’s largest refining and petrochemicals company, has successfully implemented SimSci Spiral Suite for planning and crude knowledge management. SimSci Spiral Suite’s unified enterprise supply chain solution has successfully been implemented to replace their legacy system. Now SK Innovation’s assay specialists, process engineers and planners from multiple sites can collaborate to optimize plans, manage business and ultimately increase performance across their enterprise.

“By implementing SimSci Spiral Suite, we could build new streamlined work processes, enabled by an integrated enterprise-level supply chain solution,” stated Kwangpyo Hong, Vice President of Optimization Office at SK Innovation. “All activities are supported within a single application with version and data management control. SimSci Spiral Suite enables a single source of information to be shared easily between users, improving understanding and collaboration between traders, planners and schedulers and replacing potentially disjointed point solutions.”

“SimSci Spiral Suite supports effective collaboration and good overall decision making,” said Dr. Harpreet Gulati, Vice President, Trading, Planning and Scheduling at Schneider Electric Software. “SimSci Spiral Suite eliminates gaps in work processes between trading, planning, scheduling and operations. Within SK Innovation, users across a wide range of different business roles can work within a single environment for crude knowledge management and the planning of refineries and petrochemical plants. SimSci Spiral can provide the visibility, collaboration and optimization necessary to drive improved performance in refineries and petrochemical plants, such as those at SK Innovation.”

NI Enhances Hardware-in-the-Loop Software for Testing Embedded Control Systems

National Instruments, the provider of platform-based systems that enable engineers and scientists to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, today released the latest version of its VeriStand software, which embedded software design and test engineers use to develop hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test systems. Today’s engineers face increasingly compressed, shifting schedules and constantly changing requirements driven by the integration of new technologies. VeriStand and NI’s HIL systems are the most open and customizable platforms available on the market to help companies meet these changing demands and future proof their test systems.

Engineers take advantage of VeriStand software’s out-of-the-box functionality and customizability to speed up real-time test system development and tackle the increasing complexity of embedded software as newer technologies like advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive radar and fly-by-wire become commonplace in embedded control systems. Users can:

  • Configure a real-time engine to execute tasks such as real-time simulation, stimulus generation, data acquisition for high-speed and conditioned measurements and calculated and custom-scaled channels.
  • Extend and customize a system using LabVIEW software or a wide variety of programming environments.
  • Create professional run-time editable user interfaces quickly that include tools for simulation model characterization, data logging and alarm monitoring. A completely redesigned UI manager helps ensure maximum efficiency when developing and executing real-time tests.

“This release of NI VeriStand enhances the real-time test platform to help reduce risk and cost for embedded software test across a spectrum of applications,” said Chad Chesney, vice president of data acquisition and embedded systems at NI. “With the openness and flexibility of a software-first approach, engineers can meet the demands of rapidly expanding test requirements for HIL systems both today and in the future.”

Rockwell Automation TechED Event to Feature Latest Products and Technology Solutions

Rockwell Automation will host its annual technical education and user conference from June 12-17 at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando, Florida. Known as Rockwell Automation TechED, the event will feature over 170 hands-on labs, technical sessions and discussion forums where attendees can learn about the latest techniques and technology to maximize their manufacturing and production operations, while earning professional development hours.

Designed for end users, system integrators, distributors, partners and equipment builders, the Rockwell Automation TechED event provides attendees with an opportunity to try with the latest Rockwell Automation products and technology solutions in a classroom environment and network with people from across the industry. Sessions are offered for all knowledge levels, from introductory courses through advanced training.

The event also provides sessions tailored toward information and manufacturing engineers. Numerous sessions will be offered to further develop manufacturing IT/OT engineering skill sets from industrial networks and virtualization through information management, analytics and mobility.

“The focus of the Rockwell Automation TechED event is to build on the domain expertise of industry professionals. Attendees will have hands-on training on a number of new products that help to drive visibility, collaboration and efficiency while connecting assets and data across the enterprise,” said Frank Kulaszewicz, senior vice president, Architecture and Software, Rockwell Automation.

A variety of keynote presentations on emerging technology trends will also be offered. Topics include high-performance architecture systems and software for multiplant facilities, smart manufacturing initiatives, connected services and solutions for industrial users and operators, and new Rockwell Automation products.

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Yokogawa Launches ROTAMASS Total Insight Product Portfolio

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the global release on this date in all markets other than Japan* of ROTAMASS Total Insight (TI), a new portfolio of four-wire Coriolis mass flowmeters and transmitters. This new Coriolis mass flowmeter product platform was developed based on a Total Insight concept that seeks to optimize operations and reduce maintenance costs at all phases of the product lifecycle.

Of the two main types of flowmeters that are in use today - the volume flowmeter and the mass flowmeter - the latter is generally more accurate as its measurements are less susceptible to variations in temperature and pressure. Coriolis mass flowmeters are versatile and highly accurate instruments whose utility extends beyond mass flow, inline density, and temperature measurement. They have evolved into multi-functional devices that can measure concentrations, function as net oil computers (NOC), and even measure heat transport. Our customers expect first-class performance from these instruments in demanding process control applications that involve liquids with high viscosity, entrained gas, and two-phase flows.
Product Features:

1. Introduction phase solution - Selection tool and expert guide
Yokogawa has developed a new tool that will assist our customers in selecting the optimal sensor and transmitter combination for specific applications. In addition, an online expert guide and a built-in configuration wizard are provided to ensure quick and error-free commissioning.
2. Operational phase solution - Process Guard function for event management
We have added a Process Guard function that can be used to select event patterns for the issuance of alarms, configure the triggering of data logging based on alarms or manually set points, and specify whether data is to be backed up to a microSD card for use in root cause analysis.
3. Post-implementation phase solution - Facilitating preventive maintenance and advanced flexibility
A Maintenance Manager function that includes Yokogawa's patented Tube Health Check technology monitors all key sensing elements while the flowmeter is in use, yielding data that can be used to minimize disruptions and thereby reduce maintenance costs. All data can be stored on a microSD card for easy data transfer. A new Feature On Demand (FOD) option is available that allows users to upgrade already installed flowmeters by adding new product functions such as the Tube Health Check and a concentration measurement function.

NI Introduces Test Solution for 802.11ax High-Efficiency Wireless

National Instruments, the provider of platform-based systems that enable engineers and scientists to solve the world’s greatest engineering challenges, announced today an early access version of the WLAN Measurement Suite with support for the IEEE 802.11ax (draft 0.1) high-efficiency wireless draft standard. The WLAN Measurement Suite, combined with NI’s RF vector signal transceiver (VST), empowers engineers to measure the performance of their 802.11ax designs confidently in the presence of significant new changes to the 802.11 physical layer specification.

The WLAN Measurement Suite gives researchers, engineers and technologists the power and flexibility to generate and analyze a wide range of 802.11 waveforms, such as 802.11a/b/g/n/j/p/ac/ah/af. Now, with the measurement suite’s latest update targeting 802.11ax, these users can speed up development work on 802.11ax devices. The software supports key features of 802.11ax including narrower subcarrier spacing, 1024-QAM and multi-user orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA). The updated measurement suite also includes LabVIEW system design software example code to help engineers automate WLAN measurements quickly and easily.

“The fast pace of evolving wireless standards demands instrumentation that can evolve at the speed of software,” said Charles Schroeder, vice president of RF marketing at NI. “Our support for the latest 802.11ax draft standard in the WLAN Measurement Suite is part of the evolution of a platform that scales with changing connectivity standards and provides our customers with superior RF performance in lab and production environments.”

NI’s platform-based approach helps ensure that engineers can update their existing PXI RF test systems to support 802.11ax device testing with a simple software update, and continue to do so as the 802.11ax standardization process evolves. Engineers can take advantage of this smarter approach to RF test to help lower their cost of test and better prepare for future connectivity and cellular standardization initiatives, such as 5G.

Schneider Electric achieves exida Security Development Lifecycle Certification

exida, the global leader in functional safety and cybersecurity certification for the process industries has certified three Schneider Electric product development sites in Foxboro, Mass., Worthing, U.K., and Hyderabad, India, for compliance with the exida Security Development Lifecycle certification based on IEC 62443-4-1. exida is a globally recognized ISO 17065 accredited Certification Body (CB) in cybersecurity.

The three certified Schneider Electric sites utilize a product development lifecycle that includes cybersecurity considerations in all phases of new product development, demonstrating an institutionalized commitment to securing industrial automation and control systems (IACS).

“As IT and OT converge, more technology is connecting with more technology; more people are connecting with more technology; more people are connecting with more people. All this connectivity is driving an influx of data that can be very beneficial to control system operators and engineers, but it all has to be secured first,” said Andy Kling, director of Process Automation cybersecurity and software practices, Schneider Electric. “This certification acknowledges our commitment to addressing safety and cybersecurity concerns head on to ensure our customers can take advantage of all the benefits of a connected, modern plant. We are pleased to work with exida and other industry-leading organizations, and look forward to continuing and strengthening our relationship with them so we can all meet continuous, rigorous cybersecurity demands.”

“Schneider Electric has a strong, industry-leading product development process and they built upon that to add the requirements of exida’s cybersecurity program,” said Dr. William Goble, exida managing director. “They treated the cybersecurity issue very seriously and created a process that will help them avoid hacker attacks.”

Schneider Electric announces Software Agreement for SimSci Spiral Suite with Gunvor

Schneider Electric Software, a global leader in industrial software solutions for the process industries, announced today that Gunvor, one of the world’s leading independent commodities trading houses, has signed a license agreement for Spiral Suite. Gunvor’s Ingolstadt and Antwerp refineries and Geneva Headquarters already benefit from using Spiral Suite. This agreement now extends their license to cover the newly acquired Rotterdam site.

“Spiral Suite provides an integrated solution for a broad spectrum of users”, said Marcel Mazenauer, Technical Director, Gunvor International B.V. “By having a unified application, we can improve how we share data across the organization to better interact and respond faster to opportunities as they arise. Its powerful predictive modelling capabilities improves our responsiveness to changes in assay quality and allows faster, better operational and commercial decisions. In the end, Spiral Suite lets us make better quality predictions that are consistent across the business. Easy to use and implement, it was a natural choice to extend to our Rotterdam refinery. The enterprise offering seamlessly scales to readily support our growing organization.”

Spiral Suite supports all supply chain work processes across large and small refineries, bringing together enterprise crude knowledge management, planning, scheduling and envelope optimization activities in a single software application. As the industry's only unified planning and scheduling environment that was designed from the ground up, Schneider Electric Software clients can better explore opportunities, reduce operational risk and shrink the gap between planned and actual results. Spiral Suite enables information to be shared easily between users as all activities are supported within a single application, with a single user interface and a single source of data with version and data management control. This shared knowledge can lead to improved understanding and collaboration between traders, planners and schedulers, replacing disjointed point solutions.

“Using Enterprise Crude Knowledge Management, users across the enterprise are able to leverage accurate crude quality predictions in combination with processing experience and grade intelligence to increase refinery margins, respond quickly to opportunities and reduce risk”, said Harpreet Gulati, Ph.D., Vice President, Schneider Electric Software. “Spiral Suite ensures that users across the business have access to the most consistent and up-to-date information in diverse areas such as planning, scheduling, crude approval, trading and simulation. Its ability to drive collaboration and provide real-time crude data is critical to helping our customers in the petroleum industry achieve operational excellence.”

Schneider Electric Announces Winners of the Global System Integrator Excellence Awards

Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced the winners of its 2015 global System Integrator Alliance Partner Excellence Awards for Industry. The awards recognize systems integrators who have driven revenue growth, implemented innovative technical solutions and advanced their certifications in Schneider Electric offerings, to help its industrial and infrastructure customers meet critical technical and business challenges.

“The global System Integrator Alliance Partner Excellence Awards celebrate our partners’ loyalty and commitment to Schneider Electric and its customers,” says Hervé Lemaire, Vice President, Global Sales, Partners, Industry Business, Schneider Electric. “The Alliance partners we have honored and recognized for fiscal year 2015 have set the standard of excellence across our system integrator community. We thank the nominees, winners and all of our registered and strategic SI Alliance partners for everything we have achieved together this year to help our customers take advantage of the latest technology opportunities.”

The winners of the 2015 global System Integrator Alliance Partner Excellence Awards are:

Business Development Award: Sintek (Russia)
Certified Expert of the Year: Marco Aurelio dos Santos Coghi (Brazil)
Technical Expertise Award: ASEFO Co. Ltd. (Thailand)
Global PlantStruxure Partner of the Year: Nefteavtomatika (Russia)
Global Telemetry Partner of the Year: Servicios de Automatización (Costa Rica) & Giza Arabia (Saudi Arabia)
Global PES Partner of the Year: Geotek (Turkey)

Exida announces Business Partnership with Arme Turkey

exida, a global supplier of functional safety products, services and certifications is pleased to announce a business partnership with Arme, Turkey.

“Arme is very glad to partner with exida to improve our functional safety services in Turkey,” says Gizem Ayranci, Arme training representative. “We have been working to develop the safety market in Turkey for some time, and exida’s expertise in the areas of functional safety, alarm management, and cybersecurity will offer several opportunities.”

“exida is very pleased to be partnering with Arme in Turkey to provide functional safety, alarm management, and cybersecurity training and services,” says Steve Gandy, exida vice president of global business development.

“Arme is developing these areas in Turkey, which complements exida’s service and product offering. exida has been looking to partner with a select group of companies as a means of enhancing both companies’ product and service offerings. We expect to broaden the understanding and implementation of these three disciplines within the Turkish market.”