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Tank Overfill Functional Safety Webinar

Tank overfilling is a common problem that can have dangerous consequences, particularly for oil and natural gas installations. Fuel, oil or other items going past safe levels in a container can create extremely hazardous conditions. Learn how to use functional safety products to prevent dangerous tank overfilling problems by attending a webinar hosted by Moore Industries on Sept. 30 at 9 a.m. Pacific (12 p.m. Eastern).

The "Logic Solver for Tank Overfill Protection" webinar, presented by Moore Industries Director of Engineering Tina Lockhart, will guide safety engineers through the steps needed to determine the right logic solver for their needs.

While many people assume that a logic solver for a tank overfill protection system must be a safety PLC, in many cases a discrete logic device in the safety loop is sufficient. This avoids the complications and expense associated with a complex programmable solution.