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Hazardous Location Control Stations

Factory sealed pushbutton, selector switch and pilot light stations offered by Automation Direct are designed to prevent the igniting of external hazardous atmospheres by the enclosed arcing devices. Factory sealed devices eliminate the need for external sealing.

  • Eliminates external sealing requirements
  • NEMA 3 weatherproof
  • Color coded wiring
  • Stainless steel captive screws for cover assembly
  • Ground boss for grounding in the splice box
  • Cast conduit hubs (1/2", 3/4" and 1") either dead end or feed through standard in both single and two-gang assemblies
  • Pushbutton, selector switches and pilot light bodies are copper-free aluminum
  • Operating shaft in both pushbuttons and selector switches are stainless steel
  • Miniature and standard size pushbuttons (miniature 3/4" overall diameter, standard 1-3/8" overall diameter)

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Non-contact safety switches by AutomationDirect

Non-contact safety switches by AutomationDirect are interlocking devices that are designed to protect both people and machines. They are preferred in certain applications where no physical contact (under normal conditions) takes place between the switch and actuator.

  • Available in industry standard style plastic and stainless steel housings
  • Styles: Non-contact magnetic and non-contact coded magnetic
  • Wide (>10mm) sensing distance
  • High tolerance to misalignment after sensing
  • Enclosure protections: IP67, IP69K
  • All Models: cULus, RoHS, CE approvals

Non-Contact Coded Magnetic Safety Switches:

Coded non-contact safety switches use coded magnets to close the circuits, thereby offering even more protection. The safety switch and actuator work together in such a way that the enable condition from the safety device is only triggered if the actuating element is within the switch's response range and the code on the actuator matches that of the switch.

Non-Contact Magnetic Safety Switches

These are simple magnetic reed switches and are designed to conform to IEC 60947-5-3 and be used as directed by EN1088, EN ISO12100 and EN 60204-1.

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Safety Speed Monitor Relays from AutomationDirect

AutomationDirect has added Dold safety speed relay modules to its line of safety products.

The BH5932 speed monitor relay module is designed to monitor two sensor inputs that are detecting rotating targets on a motor shaft. This monitor relay features two-channel operation and can be used for standstill and overspeed monitoring of three-phase motors. When used as a standstill monitor, a switch point is set just above the "safe" or normal operating speed. When motor speed rises above this setting, the relay opens to protect against motor damage. The BH5932 relay module has an adjustable impulse-per-minute (IPM) range of 10 to 20,000 IPM, LED status indicators, two PNP sensor inputs, and two normally-open and one normally-closed positive-guided contacts. Available for 24VDC, 120VAC, and 230VAC supply voltages, prices start at $279.

The LH5946 standstill monitor relay module provides safe standstill detection on single-phase and three-phase motors (up to 690V) by monitoring remanence voltage without external sensors. The monitor relay modules are designed with broken wire detection and provide three normally-open and one normally-closed positive-guided safety contacts. Available in adjustable 20 to 400mV and 0.2 to 4V voltage response ranges, standstill monitor relay modules are equipped with LED status indicators and adjustable time delay; semi conductor outputs monitor relay state. Available for 24VDC, 120VAC, and 230VAC supply voltages, prices start at $349.

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Moore's SRM Safety Relay Module for Safety Processes

Moore Industries has released the SRM Safety Relay Module, a versatile relay repeater module that has been certified by exida for single use in Safety Instrumented Systems up to SIL 2. The SRM is part of the Moore Industries’ FS FUNCTIONAL SAFETY SERIES and accepts single contact closure inputs from logic solver trip outputs including Moore Industries’ STA Safety Trip Alarm and the SPA2 Programmable Limit Alarm Trip. With three contacts per alarm input, the SRM allows for the addition of alarm contacts to safety processes without special installation or configuration.

Unlike many other interposing relays, the SRM is a Force Guided Relay, avoiding the possibility of having contacts become stuck in both Normally Open (NO) and Normally Closed (NC) positions at the same time and avoids potential problems caused by issues such as welded contacts. The SRM is built using a safety-related relay with forcibly-guided contacts, which are monitored and mechanically linked to the same armature as the output contacts.

The SRM has been developed following the IEC 61508 standard and offers a high level of availability for safety-critical applications and for use as a component part of Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS). While most safety relays are in a plastic case, the SRM in housed in a durable and rugged “universal” aluminum DIN case that can be mounted on either a 32mm G-type or 35mm Top-Hat DIN-rail.

A major design consideration of the SRM is its ease of use. It features a front-panel visual diagnostics, with three LED indicator lights reflecting the current Input, Output and Power status. It can also be installed in an SIS with minimal wiring.

'Moore's SRM Safety Relay Module for Safety Processes '


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SIL3-certified safety relays by Weidmuller

New SAFESERIES safety relay by Weidmuller is suitable for both Low- and High-Demand-Mode applications and is certified to meet the safety requirement level SIL 3 by TÜV Nord according to EN 61508. These advantages allow our safety relays to be used as tailor made product solutions for emergency shut-down and back-up systems in the process industry.

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