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Introduction to UL Class I Division II

White Paper by LanTech: Nowadays Industrial Ethernet switches and Industrial Ethernet based devices are more suitable for their environments and applications; they are designed to meet the riggers of the task at hand which in some cases includes a harsh environment like Oil, Gas and Mining industry.

Some of the facilities that would utilize equipment that would fall into this application environment would be Oil Refineries, Oil Platforms and Petro-Chemical Plants these types of facilities would have a need to install Industrial Ethernet based switches and devices for process control and monitoring. These types of facilities require devices that are certified to meet the harsh environments they produce.

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Availability, Reliability, SIL: What is the difference ?

(Application Note by MTL) We often come across the above terms, and others, when we are talking about equipment and systems. All of them relate in some way to how well something will perform in a particular task; however it is important to use the correct term for the task in hand, otherwise you are likely to end up with the right answer ...but to the wrong question!

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Moore Industries SSX and SST Safety Isolators and Splitters Certified for SIL 3

In August, exida approved the 2-wire, loop-powered SSX and 4-wire, line/mains-powered SST family of safety isolators and splitters for use in a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) up to SIL 3 where only the input circuit is part of the safety function. It is also approved for single use in an SIS up to SIL 2. These new approvals strengthen the usefulness of the SSX and SST and highlight the advantages of our FS Functional Safety Series, which also includes the STA Safety Trip Alarm and the SRM Safety Relay Module.

All products in the FS Functional Safety Series are built to strict IEC 61508 standards, ensuring safe and reliable function in all circumstances. Certification from a leading third-party auditor such as exida affirms Moore Industries' commitment to quality throughout the design and manufacturing process and gives end users confidence that these products are suitable for their specific application.

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Flexible Relay Solution by Rockwell Automation simplifies Safety Implementation

The Guardmaster® 440C-CR30 Software Configurable Safety Relay is flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use. This relay is ideal for applications requiring as many as nine dual-channel safety circuits and controlling as many as five output zones. You can configure this relay using the Connected Components Workbench™ software.

Machine builders can now easily implement required safety functions while improving productivity with the Allen-Bradley Guardmaster 440C‑CR30 safety relay from Rockwell Automation.

Users can program the safety relay through the free Connected Components Workbench software from Rockwell Automation. Connected Components Workbench software reduces programming time and helps increase productivity by allowing users to create, control and monitor a safety system in the same software environment as their standard control. The Guardmaster 440C-CR30 safety relay meets PLe, SIL 3 per EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061. It is ideal for applications requiring four to nine safety circuits and control of up to five zones.

“Machine builders across all industries are seeking safety solutions that go beyond meeting compliance requirements to helping significantly increase both configuration and operation productivity,” said Thomas Helpenstein, product manager, Rockwell Automation. “The flexible, compact Guardmaster 440C‑CR30 safety relay configured via Connected Components Workbench software meets their needs for improved safety, uptime and productivity.”

The distinct graphical user interface and drag-and-drop capabilities of the software help guide users through a simple process of selecting certified safety function blocks for the safety relay. Once programmed, an embedded Modbus interface allows the safety relay to easily communicate diagnostic data to Allen‑Bradley Micro800 controllers, Allen-Bradley PanelView graphic terminals or Allen‑Bradley CompactLogix controllers. Leveraging the embedded communication capabilities and the software allows users to easily monitor, troubleshoot and quickly modify their applications, including performing partial or conditioned shutdowns, as needed. Five status and 16 user-configurable LEDs on the safety relay’s faceplate provide local diagnostics to further aid in status reporting and troubleshooting.

With 22 on-board safety I/O points, including six configurable I/O, the Guardmaster 440C‑CR30 safety relay is the ideal solution for applications requiring multiple safety zones. Without growing the footprint, the safety relay also can be expanded with two standard Micro800 plug-in modules to support 16 additional standard I/O points, saving valuable safety I/O points for user safety systems. The safety relay also permits interoperation with multiple standard-control platforms, enabling the safety control to remain the same even if the standard control changes.

Hazardous Location Control Stations

Factory sealed pushbutton, selector switch and pilot light stations offered by Automation Direct are designed to prevent the igniting of external hazardous atmospheres by the enclosed arcing devices. Factory sealed devices eliminate the need for external sealing.

  • Eliminates external sealing requirements
  • NEMA 3 weatherproof
  • Color coded wiring
  • Stainless steel captive screws for cover assembly
  • Ground boss for grounding in the splice box
  • Cast conduit hubs (1/2", 3/4" and 1") either dead end or feed through standard in both single and two-gang assemblies
  • Pushbutton, selector switches and pilot light bodies are copper-free aluminum
  • Operating shaft in both pushbuttons and selector switches are stainless steel
  • Miniature and standard size pushbuttons (miniature 3/4" overall diameter, standard 1-3/8" overall diameter)

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