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How do I communicate between my control systems?


We have a Data Highway+ network of Allen Bradley PLCs and have recently installed a Quantum DCS with Modbus TCP/IP. We would like to connect both systems together and display the data of both systems on an HMI. Is there a cheap and easy way to do this?

Answer by MatrikonOPC:

The short answer is: Yes, there is an easy way to do this. How? Using OPC the de facto standard for open data connectivity - an easy and inexpensive way to implement reliable bidirectional communications between your two control systems. The more detailed answer involves two pieces: OPC Servers to communicate with your specific controllers and an application that bi-directionally shares the data between them.

First, let’s look at getting the data to a common HMI: An OPC Server can provide you with access to all types of production data, regardless of whether the data comes from a real-time, historical, or alarm and event data source. Using the MatrikonOPC Universal Connectivity Server then, you can communicate to Allen Bradley PLCs and Quantum DCS, making their respective data available in a common OPC format that your HMI can display.

To share data directly between your two controllers requires that we establish bidirectional communication between both systems. The easiest way to do this is to use OPC Data Manager. OPC Data Manager is specifically designed to share real-time, historical, and Alarm & Events OPC data between two or more control systems in a secure and reliable manner. The interface is intuitive, making the mapping process quick and easy.

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