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ASCO Numatics Introduces Mobile App

ASCO Numatics, the world's leading manufacturer of comprehensive fluid automation, flow control, and pneumatics solutions, has introduced a mobile app for iPhone and Android Devices. By searching "ASCO Flow Calculator" within either the Apple iTunes or Google Play store, the user is able to download the mobile app at no charge. This app features the ASCO Flow Calculator, which enables users to quickly calculate flow for a valve or determine the Cv needed to properly size a valve. Additionally, the Fluid Guide provides reference information on the types of valves available for most common corrosive and non-corrosive gases and liquids.

Other features of this app include a Where to Buy Distributor locator, which can be filtered by zip code or by GPS location (when Location Services are enabled on a mobile device), as well as a Conversion tool to convert between metric and imperial values. This conversion tool includes nine conversion calculators for Area, Energy, Flow, Length, Pressure, Temperature, Velocity, Volume and Weight.

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New ICONICS Video: Hyper Historian™ V10.8 - High Speed, Mission Critical Plant Data Historian

ICONICS, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and provider of automation software solutions for HMI/SCADA, Manufacturing Intelligence, and Building Automation,has announced about Hyper Historian V10.8. Hyper Historian is a high speed, reliable and robust industrial plant historian designed for mission-critical applications.

Manufacturers need equipment data so they can validate and verify that their assets are producing what they were contracted to produce and are as efficient as they were guaranteed to be. Hyper Historian helps users understand the present compared to the past by comparing like processes and assets and by providing the capability to collect, compress, archive, analyze, and visualize Big Data.

Hyper Historian is designed to log data at greater than 100,000 tags per second and works with multiple data sources across the enterprise including OPC UA Servers, OPC DA Servers, OPC XML DA Servers, BACnet, SNMP devices and many more. ICONICS Hyper Historian also provides full, Web-based configuration via its integrated engineering Workbench. Optional redundant configurations are supported using redundant Collectors and redundant Loggers. The secure Hyper Historian supports Store-and-Forward technology and includes the ability to source and merge data from any open database, as well as from other historians that might currently be installed.

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Free Unit Converter from Knovel

To help engineers increase calculation efficiency while maintaining high levels of accuracy, we have revamped a popular tool: the Knovel Unit Converter.

Designed for Engineers: The Knovel Unit Converter now incorporates a full-fledged math engine, offering engineers increased accuracy and reliability. The Knovel Unit Converter includes over 1000 units, 90 properties and performs math functions.

Mobile Friendly: The new interface automatically adjusts for optimal use on a tablet or a smartphone; use the converter anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection!

Saves Time: New features eliminate the use of preliminary calculations. The Input Value can be numerals or a combination of numerals, mathematical operators and functions. The value will be calculated automatically. This reduces the number of steps and helps save time.

Improved Functionality: Unlike most unit converters, Knovel's new Unit Converter allows users to create custom units by selecting and combining the over 1,000 unit measurements and 90 properties available in the library.

The Unit Converter is easy to share with friends and colleagues and provides one click access to additional Knovel tools.

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AutomationDirect C-more Operator Interface Touch Panels

C-more industrial touch screens are designed to give you the best cost of ownership, considering initial price, features, ease of use, reliability and free award-winning technical support. We continue to improve both hardware and software features. Perhaps this is why more and more people find that C-more touch panels have what it takes to meet most of their HMI application needs.

With the C-more series, featuring STN and TFT touch screens, AutomationDirect now provides the best combination of reliability, ease of use, and features at the lowest possible prices. The C-more line of operator interface HMI touch panels is one of the most powerful and easy to use in the industry. With C-more flat panel touch screens, you can virtually replace almost all mechanical pushbuttons, switches, meters, and other peripheral devices.

C-more is programmed with easy-to-use configuration software that provides a powerful set of tools for developing simple or very complex applications. The C-more software makes touchscreen panel setup and C-more programming quick and simple, and all C-more touch panels use the same programming package.

C-more touch panels include many important new features engineered into the product design to provide outstanding hardware and software.

  • Analog touch sensing to eliminate touch cell boundaries
  • More memory and methods to get data in/out of the panel
  • Overlapping active devices on the touch screen
  • 65,368 colors for enhanced pictures on 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15" TFT panels (15 shades of gray on 6” STN touch screen panels)
  • Higher screen resolutions, 12" and 15" panels
  • Built-in project simulation, test on PC while developing
  • Serial RS232, RS422/485 and Ethernet 10/100BaseT communications
  • Programming via USB or Ethernet
  • Optional AC power adapter
  • Bright backlight bulbs
  • 50,000 hour backlight life on all displays
  • User replaceable bulbs on 8, 10, 12 & 15" panels
  • Animation of bitmaps
  • 4,000 built-in symbols and 10 typefaces with hundreds of font sizes
  • PID faceplate, trending, alarming and recipe abilities
  • Background screen option for each created screen
  • Data logging
  • Built-in FTP server, e-mail client, Web server
  • Event Manager to trigger actions based on assigned state changes, schedules, PLC tag names or other events set up in a database environment. The event can also trigger a sound bite, initiate a screen capture, send a data file (FTP), send an e-mail, and more.
  • Audio output port

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AutomationDirect offers Data Logging and Web-based Data Collection Software for its PLCs

AutomationDirect has teamed up with BizWareDirect to offer its customers DataWorx data collection software for AutomationDirect PACs, PLCs and WinPLCs. Before DataWorx, it was necessary to purchase an OPC DDE server, and write code or buy a Human Machine Interface (HMI) package to program, in order to collect data from our PACs/PLCs/WinPLCs.  The DataWorx data logger software package easily connects your Ethernet-enabled Productivity3000 programmable automation controllers (PACs), DirectLOGIC programmable logic controllers (PLCs), or WinPLCs, to standalone PCs or network servers for easy data logging. Now, the DataWorx data logger software makes it simple and cost effective to easily collect valuable process control data to enable you to make better business decisions.

The DataWorx P3K Server's primary function is to listen to devices and either record the data into a database or read from a database. DataWorx enables each device to directly perform database operations. Connect with any Microsoft Access, SQL or ODBC compatible server.

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