Last updateMon, 27 Aug 2018 3am

MatrikonOPC Server for IndustrialSQL

The MatrikonOPC Server for IndustrialSQL (InSQL) supports both real-time and historical data access to one or more Wonderware IndustrialSQL databases or Wonderware Historians. Applications that require connectivity to these databases can use this OPC Server to access real-time and historical process data that is archived by an online analyzer, laboratory personnel, etc. Key features include:

  • Support for Wonderware IndustrialSQL databases and Wonderware Historians
  • Access to both real-time and historical data
  • Support for reading
  • Connects to multiple databases simultaneously
  • Aggregates List: Average, Count, DurationBad, DurationGood, Interpolated, Maximum, MaximumActualTime, Minimum, MinimumActualTime, PercentBad, PercentGood, StandardDeviation, TimeAverage, Total, Variance, and more...



MatrikonOPC UA Wrapper for COM OPC Servers

The MatrikonOPC UA Wrapper for COM OPC Servers provides OPC UA clients with access to legacy COM OPC DA, HDA, and AE OPC Servers using OPC UA Specifications. The UA Wrapper exposes COM OPC servers as folders in the OPC UA server’s address space. The UA Wrapper can be configured to host multiple OPC servers. Two types of communication protocol are supported by the UA Wrapper: TCP and HTTP.


  • Built with the latest UA SDK from the OPC Foundation.
  • Filtering is supported to improve the efficiency of browsing large numbers of tags.
  • DA, HDA, AE functionality is now available via nodes in separate address spaces.
  • OPC Security is now supported: Users can grant and deny access to tags based on user login (Coming Soon!)