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Free SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) symbol library for FOUNDATION fieldbus™ components

MTL SmartPlant Instrumentation (SPI) symbol library for FOUNDATION fieldbus™ components.

MTL has made it easier for engineering designers and end users to use their FOUNDATION fieldbus™ products by developing a utility to import the complete range of MTL-Relcom fieldbus products (Power Supplies, Megablocks™, surge protectors,Fieldbus Barriers and Entity conversion blocks) into SmartPlant Instrumentation version 9 and 2009.

This new, updated version of SPI includes all the latest products and ranks among the most successful examples of the new generation design tools created to reduce the cost of designing control systems. The cost of designing a single control loop can be in excess of one man-day, so using tools like SmartPlant can dramatically reduce these costs. The utility, including all associated files is available for download below.

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Omron Energy Savings Analysis Software EWS-DE10

Omron introduces Energy Savings Analysis Software EWS-DE10. Find wasted energy with simple operations.

Dr. ECO is a simple, easy-to-use Energy Savings Analysis Software.

It will help you reduce energy usage and simplify energy data analysis.

  • Instantly Find Wasted Energy on Graphs

A new feature lets you Comparison graphs.

  • Easily Alter Graph Displays as Required

You can take advantage of many graph displays with a click of the mouse.

  • Easy Data Management

Manage expanding volumes of energy data in a hierarchical database.

Consolidated Alarm Management Software (CAMS for HIS)

CAMS for HIS is practical and has an immediate effect. It accepts the fact that the sources of alarms are proliferating while customer engineering time and resources are limited. Rather than solely relying on rigorous top-down alarm design and redesign, Yokogawa provides a practical, overarching real-time alarm management system that delivers the right information to the right people at the right time.

In real time, CAMS for HIS integrates the acquisition of all alarm and event (A&E) data; allows customers to add useful alarm attributes such as user names, alarm purposes, and allowable time before action; suppresses nuisance alarms; and enables the operator to focus on important alarms through filtering, sorting, eclipsing, shelving, and load shedding. Through these innovative functions, CAMS for HIS gives customers bottom-up flexibility in implementing a real-time consolidated alarm management system.

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Canary Logger - Enterprise Historian

The Canary Enterprise Historian has been used in applications ranging from 100 tags to over 1 million tags, demonstrating scalability without the need for special computing hardware. It has the capability to log more than 3.6 million updates per second, easily meeting the requirements of high speed applications. The Enterprise Historian can log from any data source that meets the OPC DA (Data Access) specification. Enterprise Historian itself is an OPC HDA (Historical Data Access) compliant server, allowing you to use other OPC HDA compliant programs to access the data.

Using the Enterprise Historian Administrator tool any historian on your network can be monitored and configured from a single location. Administrative features such as automatic dataset validation, archiving, roll over and roll up, audit trails, and performance monitoring make the Enterprise Historian capable of running in a complex enterprise environment. Multiple Enterprise Historians can be used for redundancy and high data availability needs.

For further information on this product please click CanaryLogger - Enterprise Historian

Beckhoff' s new programming sofware TwinCat3 for Automation

Modern software programming goes beyond Ladder Diagram. The software development process has to take this into account. The new TwinCAT 3 software generation from Beckhoff, which comprises a standard IT environment, engineering with modules and run-time on multi-core processors, will open up new opportunities for controls programmers. On the occasion of the release of TwinCAT 3 at the end of the year 2011, Ramon Barth and Dr. Dirk Janssen, who are Director for Software Development at Beckhoff and played a key role in the new software architecture, talk about the beta phase and the next stages on the roadmap.

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