Last updateMon, 27 Aug 2018 3am

Exida releases new LOPAxTM Layer of Protection Analysis Software

exidaexida, a global supplier of functional safety products, services and certifications has released LOPAxTM, a Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) software that supports process safety management activities.

LOPAx features different worksheets for various risk receptors and can easily account for different levels of Enabling Conditions (EC), Independent Protection Layers (IPL) and Conditional Modifiers (CM) effectiveness as they apply to different initiating events for the same hazard.

“LOPAx uses a worksheet approach with the ability to simultaneously address multiple initiating events for the same hazard scenario,” says Iwan van Beurden, exida’s director of product development.

“When LOPAx is used in combination with the Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) tool PHAx™, there is a seamless exchange of data between the HAZOP and LOPA worksheets. This drastically improves the efficiency and accuracy of safety practitioner activities, ensures completeness of shared critical information and provides certainty of complete data transition. The combination of PHAx and LOPAx enables the safety practitioner to meet the standards’ requirements for traceability and auditability. “

“The innovative integration aspects of the proven Process Hazard Analysis software and the new Layer of Protection Analysis software are keys for efficient Safety Lifecycle Management,” says Joe Scalia, ARC Advisory Group. “Hooray for users to only have to enter their data once!”

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