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Experience in Design, Testing and Implementation of Electrical Systems for a Large Gas Plant

This paper presents the experience of the authors in the Design, Engineering, Testing and Implementation of Electrical Systems for Large Gas Processing Plants. The following areas are covered in this paper:

1. Design Criteria for electrical systems

2. Constraints in Design and Engineering of Electrical Systems for Large Plants

3. Development of Protection Control and Power Management System philosophies for different voltage levels

4. Experiences in actual implementation of a project

The paper provides the user with the identification of the critical areas of concern in designing electrical systems for large gas processing plants and highlights the lessons learnt by the authors during the implementation of the project The paper summarizes the experiences of the electrical equipment vendor, the end customer, and the engineering procurement and construction contractor involved in the project.

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Emerson helps Trinidad and Tobago expand its gas pipeline network

AUSTIN, TEXAS (January 30, 2012) -- The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited is using the largest Dantorque™ actuator ever produced by Emerson to help expand its gas distribution network on the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago. The actuator, which is 2.4 meters tall and 1.64 meters in diameter, will be used to isolate the gas being supplied from Trinidad’s northern offshore gas fields in the event of an emergency situation.

The multi-million dollar project covers a range of valve automation products from Emerson, including a Dantorque subsea gear operator and one smaller spring return actuator, three Shafer™ subsea actuators and 11 Shafer gas-over-oil actuators installed on the offshore-platform and land portions of the pipeline.

The development of new gas fields off the northeast shores of Trinidad required new pipelines to be connected to the existing pipeline infrastructure, which is all in the south. The tie-in to the large 91 cm diameter existing pipeline required a spring return actuator with ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) override capability. To meet this requirement, Emerson supplied a DTUS 171/1350 Dantorque actuator which has a spring ending torque of 102,500 Nm (907,800 in-lbs) and weighs nine metric tons (9.92 short tons).

STARDOM and FA-M3 Ensure Smooth Supply of Power to Grid by Wind Farm

Case Study by Yokogawa: Amidst growing concerns about the depletion of fossil fuels and the effects of climate changes caused by rising CO2 emissions and other factors, there is a growing push to generate power from wind, solar, biomass, and other renewable energy sources and thereby create a more sustainable society.

Japan Wind Development Co., Ltd. (JWD) is a specialist in wind power generation technology with vast knowledge and expertise in this field. JWD is building and providing all necessary support services for a nationwide wind power generation network.

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ISA publishes Control Systems Engineer Technical Reference Handbook

The International Society of Automation (ISA) announces the publication of Control Systems Engineer Technical Reference Handbook, by Chuck Cornell, PE, CAP®, PMP.

Control Systems Engineer Technical Reference Handbook is a technical reference guide for the control systems professional, as well as a study aid for the Control Systems Engineering (CSE) Professional Engineer (PE) Exam. It provides a detailed, insightful view into the fields of:

  • measurement
  • final control elements
  • signals, transmission and networking
  • automation and control systems
  • relief devices
  • codes, and standards such as NEC (National Electrical Code), NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency 70E)
  • hazardous areas
  • safety instrumented systems
  • basic electrical (motors and uninterruptible power supply [UPS] topologies)

It additionally includes sample problems and solutions for use in preparation for the CSE PE Exam.