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Successful Migration of In-line Blending Distributed Control and Oil Movement Systems

Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO), wholly owned by the Government of Bahrain, is engaged in oil exploration, drilling, production, and refining, and in the distribution, sale, and export of crude oil, refined products, and natural gas. The company owns a 250,000 barrel-a-day refinery, storage facilities for more than 14 million barrels, a marketing terminal, and a marine terminal for its petroleum products. BAPCO’s prime customers for crude oil and refined products are based in the Middle East, India, the Far East, Southeast Asia, and Africa, and 95 percent of its refined products are exported.

BAPCO was using Yokogawa’s Unix-based CENTUM CS process control system to control operations at its refinery tank farm. Due to the obsolescence of this Unix-based system, BAPCO decided to replace it with Yokogawa’s latest CENTUM VP distributed control system (DCS). In addition to the upgrade of this key tank farm system, BAPCO also replaced its oil movement system (OMS) with a Yokogawa’s OMS based on Windows 2008 Server - Enterprise Edition.

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Key Performance Indicators should work for you, not the other way around!

KPIs are an excellent performance measurement tool that businesses in many different sectors employ to improve performance. The key to KPIs is finding a way to quickly gather and simply distribute the key business information without becoming beholden to large, complex databases and applications. KPIs should work for the business without requiring half the organization to work for groups that make, maintain, and feed these KPI systems. Traditional database systems don’t provide real-time information and require a lot of time and money for customization or consulting. By utilizing a real-time performance management system as the basis for KPIs and scorecards, progressive companies enhance their competitive advantage and improve the overall decision-making across an entire enterprise. KPIs are a way to continuously improve the business at all levels, and with the PI SystemTM, the systems that gather the KPIs for business can work in real-time.

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Setup RadioLinx OPC Server

This document gives the details of the setup for the RadioLinx OPC Server. For the architecture of this implementation, the following equipment is required:
- 2 modules RLXIB-IHW-E
- A laptop or PC with Ethernet and wireless capability and containing the following software:
1. RLX-IH Browser version 3.004
2. ProSoft OPC Server version 1.1.4
3. FactoryTalk View Studio OPC Client version 5.00.00 from Rockwell Automation
- 1 Ethernet Switch (required to perform a wired communication test)

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ATEX opts for CompactLogix on Ethernet for its international appeal and expansion possibilities

Case Study by Allen-Bradley: ATEX's ACOM detection system is used to measure very low Carbon Monoxide levels in powder drying processes. As well as a controller that is technologically capable, ATEX also wanted an infrastructure that was both internationally accepted and capable of future enhancement.

Background: Waalter Kaars, Department Manager Fire & Explosion Prevention at ATEX Explosionsschutz GmbH, based in Möhnesee in Germany, proudly proclaims: "ATEX is the world's leading company in CO detection and explosion prevention." Splitting its product and service oering in two – prevention and protection – the company's motto is: "High-quality, easy to use, user serviceable, aordable products to help ensure maximum protection with the minimum process interruption."

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