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Yokogawa Instrumented Micro Plants Revolutionizing Education, training of Future Engineering Leaders

Yokogawa training Brazil.jpgThe branch of the largest professional education complex in Latin America, Servico Nacional de Aprendizagem Industrial (SENAI), in Portuguese language for National Service for Industrial Training, provides students with a unique opportunity of learning and gaining practical experience on an actual process with their Yokogawa instrumented micro plants. "Yokogawa is not just providing the products, but also providing all the necessary training and knowledge", said, Mr. Jean Barbosa Cavalcante, the leader of CIITEC, Centro de Inspiracao e Inovacao Tecnologica in Portuguese for Technical Innovation and Inspiration Center from SENAI-AL.

SENAI, a non-profit educational institution in Brazil, provides the research, training, and education for engineers in various industrial areas such as sugar based energy, oil and gas, automobile, and more. Funded in the 1940s by National Confederation of Industry Systems (CNI) and Federation of Industries of the States, it is now the largest professional education complex in Latin America supporting 28 industrial areas and offering approximately 3,000 courses.

SENAI-Al, a branch of SENAI located in capital city Maceio in Alagoas state, provides the research, calibration and inspection work to Alagoas industry. Through those services, SENAI-AL manufactures scaled down versions of actual plants - called micro plants. Thanks to micro plant, students can experience an actual process in the same way they would in a real plant. For students, this is a practical and effective way to augment learning because they "see and feel" the actual process, which is something they cannot experience by using process simulation alone. The first micro plant is an Ethanol distillery plant, which is one of main industries in Maceio.

Since 2008, Yokogawa America do Sul Ltda has worked together with SENAI-AL for instrumentation of micro plants by providing not just the Yokogawa’s transmitters, flow meters, and PLCs, but also helping them in training. SENAI-AL now delivers micro plants to other universities and research institutes all over Brazil for the purpose of education and research. With the ethanol distillery micro plants, students are learning hands-on temperature, pressure, level and flow measurement as well as feedback control.

SENAI-AL selected Yokogawa to provide the training kits because of the long-term stability and low maintenance requirements of its instruments as well as for Yokogawa’s ability to provide basic process knowledge training, and additional digital technologies. In addition, Yokogawa provides consistent service from field instruments to system with SENAI-AL. The micro plants are contributing to increase the number and competency level of IA engineers all over Brazil.


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