Last updateSun, 06 Oct 2019 10am

Advantech Total Solution for fully Optimizing Manufacturing Execution System of Food Industry

Optimizing Manufacturing Execution System - Advantech.jpgCase Study by Advantech: Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) have become a necessary tool in providing visible and controllable management for the manufacturing industry. However, expanded product portfolios, growing product complexity and increasing globalization are propelling the need to update traditional MES so as to effectively manage evolving challenges. In terms of food processing and manufacturing, the complex process needs Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to fully monitor and control production line while maximizing the effectiveness of MES functions. Advantech not only offers a variety of hardware products to take on the important task of data collection in the production line but also provides software platform to serve as a data gateway between the front-end equipments and MES application. Through this total solution, System Integrators can design the required management systems for food processing and manufacturing factories, and food manufacturers can upgrade their existing manual work into the paperless and automated operation, thus establishing product traceability system to achieve the goal of safe manufacturing.

Advantech has extensive product lines to meet the software and hardware needs of System Integrators and food processing factories. Taking WebAccess as the core, our cost-effective solution can reduce developers’ costs and time while accelerating the speed of system implementation. For food industry, complete data collection, screen display with friendly and graphical user interface, real-time statistics and historical analysis reports, cross-platform and mobile management, all of these characteristics facilitate manufacturing processes more transparency and openness to prevent malpractice while letting users properly solve the abnormal problem at the first moment, and thus indeed doing food safety checks.