Seamless Integration of multivendor Control Systems with Field Digital Technology improves Efficiency

Yokogawa Case study Santa Barbara.jpgCase Study by Yokogawa: Enel S.p.A. is an Italian electric utility company, the second-largest in Europe by market capitalization. Formerly a state-owned monopoly, it is now partially privatized with Italian government control: the largest shareholder is the Italian Ministry of Economy & Finance (31.244%).

The current big concern of the Enel Generation and Energy Management (GEM) division invested plan is to improve plant efficiency and reduce environmental impact. To reach these objectives, a program was started to convert the existing oil-fuelled power plants to gas-fueled combined-cycle plants. The combined-cycle power plant (CCPP) at Santa Barbara was converted and operated in 2007. This CCPP is capable to generate 400MW electricity and it covers the peak demand of electricity within the national grid. The CCPP consists of one gas turbine STG5-400F(V94.3A) from Siemens, one heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) from Ansaldo Caldaie, and steam turbine from Ansaldo Energia.

Yokogawa successfully installed CENTUM CS3000 production control system (PCS) to manage nearly 6000 I/Os and 10,000 I/Os from 25 sub-systems through OPC interface. And Enel GEM challenges field digital technology for their predictive maintenance in their asset management system.

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