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Case Study: Remote and Centralized Monitoring System for Waste Water Treatment

Case Study by Advantech: Today’s society continues to face severe water pollution and scarcity problems. Even emerging countries generate more than a billion tons of wastewater every year and the amount is expected to grow due to rapid urbanization and industrialization. Fortunately, many governments have stepped up their efforts to improve the regulatory framework for modern wastewater management and with the assistance of Advantech’s solutions Waste Water Treatment Plants they can leverage their existing networks, hardware, and software. By introducing remote control and fiber optic communication as well as integrating management systems and reducing management costs, they can bring water treatment plants into the 21st century.

Wastewater is composed of water and some dissolved or suspended solid matter, and therefore needs to undergo a multi-stage treatment process to clean it before it’s discharged or reused. The process involves numerous phases, including: screening, pumping, aerating, sludge and scum removal, the killing of bacteria and the removal of waste water residuals. In response to such a complex procedure, the wastewater treatment plant often covers a very large area and has several buildings in which to install various for sewage sludge treatment facilities. Sometimes, these can be many kilometers apart: causing difficulties with continuously monitoring the equipment’s status. Meanwhile, a wide variety and a large amount of equipment with poor interoperability also caused maintenance problems. Because of these issues, the plant planned to upgrade its system using fiber optic communication and a remote monitoring solution to enhance the level of system automation.

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