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Fairchild I/P transducers deliver high accuracy at very low pressures

Rotork Fairchild has launched a new range of compact low pressure I/P (electro-pneumatic) transducers for instrument, analytical and scientific control applications.

Precise pressure control, where output pressures must be accurately held at low pressures down to 70 mBar (1 psi), has traditionally been a difficult task for industrial instrumentation. The new Rotork Fairchild T7500 range of transducers is specifically designed for these low pressure control systems with set point accuracy of 0.1%, even at pressures of less than 100 mBar.

T7500 transducers accept supply pressures between 1.3 and 2 Bar (20 and 30 psi) with mA or VDC control signals to deliver critical high accuracy output ranges of 0-350 mBar (0-5 psi) and 0-1 Bar (0-15 psi). Flow configurations of 85 l/m or 200 l/m suit a wide range of application requirements. In addition, the T7500 can be ordered with DIN plug, NPT conduit or terminal block electrical connections styles to suit assembly requirements.

Applications in test and medical equipment, leak detection equipment and other precise scientific areas are ideal for the T7500 transducers. The rugged cast aluminium construction and vibration resistant internal componentry is designed to withstand the rigors of both portable and stationary mounted equipment often found in medical and test situations.

As part of Rotork Instruments, Fairchild provides a complete range of regulators, boosters, I/P transducers and other products. Rotork Instruments can also provide fully approved switchboxes, positioners, solenoid valves and other actuation and severe service components to complete the automated flow control package.

Chinese pipelines select Rotork electro-hydraulic valve actuators for remote failsafe duty

Rotork pipeline.jpgRotork Skilmatic electro-hydraulic valve actuators have been ordered for increased safety ESD (Emergency Shutdown) duties on two new oil pipelines in China. Owned by the China National Petroleum Corporation, the Mahui and Yunnan Pipelines are attached to the network bringing oil and gas to China from offshore fields in the Bay of Bengal.

The Skilmatic actuators will be installed in automated and unattended valve chambers at pump stations, where they will provide isolating and failsafe ESD functions. These valves, known as ROSOV (Remote Operated Shut-off Valves), are designed to isolate sections of the pipelines in the event of a potential emergency. By providing swift and accurate valve movement in one direction and very reliable mechanical spring return movement in the failsafe direction, Rotork’s self-contained electro-hydraulic actuator design is successfully utilised for this type of critical application in many countries.

The Skilmatic actuator combines reliable failsafe performance with the benefits of Rotork IQ intelligent electric actuation technologies, facilitating remote supervision with a high level of asset management encompassing accurate control, monitoring and alarm signalling, operational data logging and diagnostics. The ESD function can be configured to operate on loss of mains power or control signal, with additional options including a second, independent ESD circuit and an ESD manual reset also available.

Designed for functional safety applications SIL 2 with a HFT 0 to IEC 61508:2010 the Skilmatic actuator is also offered with a partial stroke testing capability, enabling the valve to be function tested without interrupting the process - performed either locally or remotely from the control room. The actuator is available with worldwide hazardous area certification, whilst the double-sealed electric enclosure is watertight and dustproof in ratings up to IP68 (submersion at 7 metres for 72 hours.

KOBOLD offers Bitumen Measurements Under Difficult Conditions

The special challenge of this application is the exact temperature of the heat-tracing, which must be adapted to the type of Bitumen used. The meters must be rugged and temperature-stable, and should not affect the accuracy of potential custody transfer devices.


Coriolis Mass Flowmeters from Heinrichs Messtechnik

  • Precise Measurements, even with High Fluctuations in Temperature
  • Durable Measuring Tubes with Extra Thick Walls
  • Variable, Stable Tracing Systems for Heating
  • Up to DN 400 / 16" for Media Temperatures up to 260 °C
  • Versions for Custody Transfer Operation
  • High Process Reliability
  • Easy Maintenance, Due to Open Design of the Devices
  • Can be Retrofitted


The rugged construction of our Coriolis devices allow for usage in mobile plants or machinery, such as in a "HOT-RECYCLER", which removes the tarmac and re-applies it with the addition of asphalt and bitumen. The hot recycling method is used solely for the rehabilitation of damaged asphalt surfaces. The hot recycler processes the existing road pavement, improving it with virgin mix, if necessary.


Yokogawa Enhanced STARDOM™ Network-based Control System developing new CPU Module

Yokogawa Stardom.jpgYokogawa Electric Corporation has announced that it will release an enhanced version of the STARDOM™ network-based control system in the spring of 2016 that includes a newly developed high-speed CPU module for the FCN autonomous controller. Based on the concept of putting forward a product that is Faster, Stronger, Smarter, STARDOM will feature the new CPU module, improved environmental resistance, and an enhanced engineering tool. With this product, Yokogawa intends to expand the open network control system business.

The STARDOM system will be exhibited at the Measurement and Control Show 2015 Tokyo, which will be held December 2 – 4 at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center. Development Background includes:

STARDOM is a network-based production control system that consists of the FCN autonomous controller and the VDS or FAST/TOOLS SCADA software. Since introducing this system in 2001, Yokogawa has continued to enhance it by adding new functions to satisfy customers' needs. Combining the reliability of a distributed control system (DCS) with the versatility and economy of a programmable logic controller (PLC), STARDOM is widely used in medium-size manufacturing plants and in geographically distributed applications such as natural oil and gas wells. To date, more than 20,000 STARDOM systems have been delivered.

STARDOM's FCN autonomous controller will be capable of reliably controlling high-speed equipment such as compressors, large wind power generators, and other types of turbines, and will be able to operate in a wider range of climatic conditions. Moreover, it will include a function that aids engineers in the performance of installation, modification, and maintenance tasks.

Product Features includes:

  • High-speed calculation and communication
  • Strengthened environmental resistance
  • Improved efficiency of engineering and maintenance work

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments announces WT300E Compact Power Meter

Yokogawa Meters & Instruments announces its latest Compact Power Meters, the WT300E series. They are enhanced versions of Yokogawa's 5th generation of compact power meters which have been the world's best-selling power meter. They have been the instrument of choice for a wide range of applications in production testing, quality assurance and Research & Development.

Yokogawa Power Meter.jpgThis new family consists of the Models WT310E single phase, WT310EH single phase high current, WT332E two-element and WT333E three-element versions. These new units offer enhanced measurement accuracy of 0.1% of reading +0.05% of range. The WT310E provides extremely low current measurement capability to 50 micro-Amps, and up to 26 Amps RMS. For the engineer doing Stand-by-Power measurements, Energy Star®, SPECpower and IEC62301 / EN50564 testing, Battery Charger and other low level power measurements, the WT310E is the ideal solution.

Many of today's power conversion circuits use energy saving switching techniques. These can cause highly distorted voltage or current waveforms with high harmonic content. To measure these waveforms accurately, the WT300E series power meters use high resolution sixteen bit Analog to Digital converters with a digitizing rate of 100 kS/s. They have a new enhanced low frequency measurement capability of 0.1 Hz. Overall bandwidth is DC and 0.1 Hz to 100 kHz,

The WT310EH is a single phase high current version with current ranges from 1 Amp to 40 Amps RMS. The bandwidth on this model is DC and 0.1 Hz to 20 kHz. The WT332E is a two element meter for use on split phase and three phase three wire circuits. The WT333E is a three element meter for use on three phase three wire or three phase four wire circuits. These models have current ranges of 0.5 Amps to 20 Amps RMS, with low current measurements to 5 mA. All models have voltage ranges from 15 to 600 Volts RMS, and low voltage measurement capability to 150 mV.

An optional Harmonic Analysis function is available for the WT300E series Digital Power Meters. This will benefit the design and test engineer in product performance evaluation and for power quality conformance testing. Both the Normal power parameters and Harmonic data are measured simultaneously providing for faster and more accurate power analysis. Harmonic Analysis and THD Calculations can be made up to the 50th order from a 50 or 60 Hertz fundamental frequency.

The Integration function measures Amp-Hour and Watt-Hour parameters. This is especially important for stand-by-power measurements. In the stand-by mode the current can be very low. Then when the device goes to operation mode, the current can increase substantially. The new Auto Range feature will optimize the range setting for maximum accuracy measurements. Yokogawa's “Average Active Power” function makes it possible to measure power consumption under conditions where the power fluctuates greatly. Watt-Hours are measured over some time period then the Time is divided out to leave an average power reading. This is the industry preferred method for Stand-by-Power measurements.

All the industry standard communication interface ports such as USB, GPIB, RS232 and Ethernet are available for the WT300E series. The standard interface is USB plus GPIB or RS232. Ethernet is an available option. Measured digital data from the WT300E series can be acquired by Yokogawa recorders via Ethernet or Modbus/TCP directly. Yokogawa's WTViewerFreePlus software is provided with each WT300E unit. This permits displaying and saving the measurement data, numeric values, waveform display and trend graphs. Also IEC62301/EN50564 software for stand-by-power measurements is available as a free download.