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Proline Promag 10D Electromagnetic flowmeter

Proline Promag 10D is an electromagnetic flowmeter for bidirectional measurement of conductive liquids. It is used for flow measurements in water or service water applications. Due to its easy installation and operation, its robust design and low price it can be used in applications where only limited principles could be used before. Drinking water approvals according to KTW/W270, WRAS BS 6920, ACS and NSF 61 are available.

Following Faraday's law of magnetic induction, a voltage is induced in a conductor moving through a magnetic field. In the electromagnetic measuring principle, the flowing fluid is the moving conductor. By measuring the induced voltage, the flow velocity of the medium can be measured. The flow volume is calculated by means of the pipe cross-section area.

  • High degree of accuracy and measuring stability
  • No pressure loss, thus energy-saving
  • Not sensitive to vibrations

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RCM - Direct Reading Flowmeter

The KOBOLD RCM Series differential pressure direct-reading flowmeter is suitable for monitoring compatible liquids and gases having a low to medium viscosity and low solids content. The RCM flowmeter features rugged, compact construction with no moving parts to wear out. In liquid applications of 6 GPM and higher, pulsation snubbers are incorporated into the connecting pressure passages to produce smooth flowmeter operation independent of pipeline turbulence. The RCM flowmeter was developed for industrial flow metering applications in which durability and reliability are important considerations. The prime goals achieved within the RCM flowmeter design are: accuracy, small size, low cost, minimal maintenance and increased resistance to accidental damage. Typical applications include: lube oil and cooling water flow monitoring, blending processes, reverse osmosis systems, and compressed air measurement. The RCM direct-reading flowmeter is optionally available with a 4–20 mA analog current output for interfacing with remote displays and controllers. Limit switches are also available to provide high and low limit signals. In addition, a 0–1000 Hz frequency output is available to drive frequency-based controllers and counters.

Accuracy± 3% Full Scale Measuring Ranges0.5...4 GPH to 400...3000 GPM (Liquids) / 5...40 SCFH to 3000...20000 SCFM (Gases) Fittings¼"...3" NPT, ½"...8" Wafer Body MaterialBronze, Monel or SS Media Temperature-30...212 °F (Standard)

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New gearbox for motorised quarter-turn applications

The latest addition to the market-leading range of gearboxes manufactured by Rotork Gears is a rugged, industrial grade product designed for use with motorised quarter-turn valves and dampers.

The new AB550M gearbox is manufactured as standard with cast iron housing components, high performance axial thrust bearings, a protected steel input shaft and a polyurethane coating to deal with arduous applications and aggressive environments. The ability to support electric actuators weighing up to 46 kilograms and input speeds of up to 72 rpm offers suitability for many applications in the chemical, power generation, water & sewage treatment, HVAC and general industries.

With a maximum output torque of 600 Nm, 45mm maximum output bore, output flange sizes from F07 to F16 and +/-5º adjustable 90º stroke, the AB550M will operate a large range of ball, butterfly and plug valves, or power and process dampers.

The ambient operating temperature range can extend from -60ºC to +200ºC, whilst the standard IP67 environmental protection can be increased to IP68 for marin

Cost Effective PROFINET / EtherNetIP Remote I/O Modules

Advantech IAG has announced the launch of ten ADAM-6100EI/PN I/O Modules designed to work directly with PLCs over EtherNet/IP and PROFINET.

In certain scenarios, these cost effective modules take the place of couplers when deploying I/O over a long distance and since they have dual Ethernet ports they can be daisy-chained every one hundred meters to collect data from and control the machines. One of the key advantages, and useful in a wide variety of scenarios, is ADAM-6100 series can be daisy- chained using Ethernet. This provides a cost effective solution to transmitting data over much longer distances than with PLCs.

For the benefit of central configuration across multiple machines, the ADAM-6100 using the ADAM.NET Utility, can create projects in L5K, a proprietary file format used by AB PLCs. EDS files, for the EtherNet/IP protocol, and GSD files for the PROFINET protocol formats are for use on a whole hostof third party PLCs.

To ensure the ADAM-6100 series and the data they carry are protected at all times from the harshness of the vagaries of a factory’s’ electrical supply, the ADAM-6100 series have 2,500 VDC isolation protection.

In various scenarios, signal decay and noise are prevented by placing ADAM-6100 AI modules near the sensors before sending data directly to the PLC which can be placed much further away and can receive data from multiple ADAMs in different locations. Because of their ease of installation, these ADAM modules are suitable for a wide range of environments.

The PROFINET Modules are: ADAM-6117PN- 8-ch Isolated AI; ADAM-6150PN-15-ch Isolated DI/O; ADAM-6151PN-16-ch Isolated DI; ADAM-6156PN-16-ch Isolated DO and ADAM-6160PN- 6-ch Relay Output.

The EtherNet/IP Modules are: ADAM-6117EI- 8-ch Isolated AI; ADAM-6150EI-15-ch Isolated DI/O; ADAM-6151EI-16-ch Isolated DI; ADAM-6156EI-16-ch Isolated DO and ADAM-6160EI-6-ch Relay Output.

Dwyer Series MBLT Miniature Submersible Level Transmitter

MBLT Miniature Submersible Level Transmitter.jpgDwyer MBLT Miniature Submersible Level Transmitter is only 0.63" in diameter making it ideal for level monitoring in well and borehole applications. Constructed for years of trouble free service, the MBLT has a welded 316 SS body and 316 SS nose cap. Body top is also 316 SS and tapered to prevent damage or snares when pulling the unit out of the installation. Featured in the MBLT is a precision ±0.10% or ±0.25% of full scale accuracy output, better than BFSL or BSL rated outputs used by most competitors. Lightning and surge protection (not guaranteed or covered by standard warranty) is included standard to stand up in harsh applications. MBLT comes with a choice of polyether polyurethane or ETFE cable materials and all are vented for barometric pressure compensation. Vent is covered with a maintenance-free filter preventing particulate or water droplets from entering the transmitter.

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