Last updateSat, 12 Sep 2020 12pm

Schneider Electric announces Software Agreement for SimSci Spiral Suite with Gunvor

Schneider Electric Software, a global leader in industrial software solutions for the process industries, announced today that Gunvor, one of the world’s leading independent commodities trading houses, has signed a license agreement for Spiral Suite. Gunvor’s Ingolstadt and Antwerp refineries and Geneva Headquarters already benefit from using Spiral Suite. This agreement now extends their license to cover the newly acquired Rotterdam site.

“Spiral Suite provides an integrated solution for a broad spectrum of users”, said Marcel Mazenauer, Technical Director, Gunvor International B.V. “By having a unified application, we can improve how we share data across the organization to better interact and respond faster to opportunities as they arise. Its powerful predictive modelling capabilities improves our responsiveness to changes in assay quality and allows faster, better operational and commercial decisions. In the end, Spiral Suite lets us make better quality predictions that are consistent across the business. Easy to use and implement, it was a natural choice to extend to our Rotterdam refinery. The enterprise offering seamlessly scales to readily support our growing organization.”

Spiral Suite supports all supply chain work processes across large and small refineries, bringing together enterprise crude knowledge management, planning, scheduling and envelope optimization activities in a single software application. As the industry's only unified planning and scheduling environment that was designed from the ground up, Schneider Electric Software clients can better explore opportunities, reduce operational risk and shrink the gap between planned and actual results. Spiral Suite enables information to be shared easily between users as all activities are supported within a single application, with a single user interface and a single source of data with version and data management control. This shared knowledge can lead to improved understanding and collaboration between traders, planners and schedulers, replacing disjointed point solutions.

“Using Enterprise Crude Knowledge Management, users across the enterprise are able to leverage accurate crude quality predictions in combination with processing experience and grade intelligence to increase refinery margins, respond quickly to opportunities and reduce risk”, said Harpreet Gulati, Ph.D., Vice President, Schneider Electric Software. “Spiral Suite ensures that users across the business have access to the most consistent and up-to-date information in diverse areas such as planning, scheduling, crude approval, trading and simulation. Its ability to drive collaboration and provide real-time crude data is critical to helping our customers in the petroleum industry achieve operational excellence.”

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